Last week we completed another 2 bedroom / or study "Kaikoura" building for another fantastic customer, Chris.

Chris decided upon the "Weathertex" cladding option combined with "Ironsand" coloursteel corrugate. 

This "Kaikoura" is fully equipped to "plug and play" with a 32 amp caravan plug getting Chris immediately connected to a power source and fulfilling his electricity needs. There is a permanent option under the building for later connection if required.  As standard Chris also has a gas califont for gas cooktop hob and hot water service. 

Lastly we fix off the water inlet with a 18mm hose connection to allow immediate water supply from your standard garden hose. To make this connection permanent at a later date, the downsized hose fitting is simply removed and replaced.

Novature is about making simple connections and "New Age Living"...

Theses are the final photos of this project after having cupboard and doors tapped up and secured for transport by "Boat Haulage" who offer us and our clients a supreme service.