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Welcome to Novature - New Age Living

With the global increase in living costs and national sky rocket in property prices. Kiwis are looking to alternative living solutions to help support and grow their families and one that doesn’t financially burden them. Novature are specialists in New Age Living and are building quality, spacious homes and transportable building solutions for Kiwi families. Why not contact us and arrange a visit to inspect the quality for yourself at our Pukekohe headquarters in South Auckland.

Why not contact our sales representative on 027 206 9163 or complete our contact form to make a booking so that you can inspect for yourself the Novature quality build processes. 

We have two display homes and multiple homes in progress at various stages for you to be able to envisage your style of "New Age Living".

We are located at - 34 Crosbie Rd, Pukekohe.

The Novature Difference

For the best value living

Delivered NZ Wide

From Russell, Northland to Round Hill, Southland

Built by qualified tradespeople

Confidence in experienced and licensed builders with extensive expertise. 

Customised to your taste

From flooring to fittings, each Novature is customised for you

Peace of mind

At Novature we pride ourselves upon delivering on a deal