Our team have had a very busy year so we thought that they all deserved a day out on the "Coro Cowboy" a local fishing charter in the Coromandel. Our chartered skipper and first mate knew exactly where to take us and provided an action packed day filled with snapper for all the team. If you're in the Coromandel check out the "Coro Cowboy" fishing charters. 

We had a great day kicked off by a BBQ breakfast at the factory, stories on the bus trip down to Coromandel, an awesome days fishing around the muscle farms, topped of by an hour or two at the pub while our haul of snapper were cleaned and filleted. What more could you want other than more laughs on the 2 hour bus ride home with a great team.

Thanks for a great year so far boys, lets keep on producing quality transportable homes. We appreciate your team effort!